Have you ever wondered how to incorporate Disney or Pixar into your classroom writing? I found the perfect solution. As I was teaching how to write a compare and contrast paper, I wanted to use something “fun” AND “obvious.” I wanted the subject I chose to show a stark contrast among the characters being examined.

I remembered watching a Pixar short entitled Partly Cloudy a few years ago, so I found the animated short on YouTube and studied the film. The short features pink fluffly clouds which produce precious little animals such as puppies, kittens, and other cute newborns.

In contrast, the lone dark cloud in the film produces less desirable babies like alligators, rams, and electric eels. This lovable cartoon shows a distinct contrast between the two types of clouds.

As a result of my wish to incorporate Disney: Pixar into my classroom, I decided to have my students compare and contrast the two unique clouds. They first started out by filling in a venn diagram before they begin their writing. *A double-bubble map works great too!

The product of this writing assignment was more than I could have hoped for. The students were excited, as they were required to watch “a cartoon” multiple times in order to get an accurate picture of each cloud!

More than that, they wrote the most wonderful compare and contrast papers! Because of their interest in this animated short, they were able to grasp the true meaning of what it means to compare and contrast two objects. I have shared this lesson with many of my “teacher friends” and now I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

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