In March of 2014, we were devastated to hear the news that the Polynesian Village Resort would be dismantling the lobby that has stood since Disney World’s opening in 1971.  The centerpiece waterfall with beautiful tropical plants remained one of our favorite places to visit over the years.  When entering the lobby, the sound of the water cascading over the rocks and “the smell” were vivid and remained etched in our memory until our next visit.


The Polynesian style front desk added that extra touch as guests were greeted with a Hawaiian lei.  Couches and seating areas surrounded the waterfall centerpiece with full-length glass windows across the back wall.

In 2014, construction began on the new and improved lobby minus the main feature – waterfall. We made sure to capture the “old lobby” on film before its dismantling. We were worried “the smell” would leave when the waterfall left.

It took just over a year for Disney to transform the lobby of the newly renovated Polynesian Village Resort into something equally as beautiful and unique.  We were not disappointed.





We still felt that old Disney magic throughout the new lobby…..and “the smell” was still there!!