Through the years, the Disney Company has become the ultimate example of conservation. As an educator, teaching students about conservation has always been a fun task for me…especially when Disney is involved. If you want a “new” way to teach students about conservation, The Educated Mouse has created the ultimate “Educator’s Guide to Teaching Conservation Through Disney.”

The objective of this unique guide is to assist educators or home school parents in providing a unique way to introduce students to conservation of water, energy, nature and waste and the importance of sharing with others the ways to conserve resources to protect our environment. The guide is appropriate for second grade (gifted), third grade, fourth grade, and home school students.

This fun and colorful educator guide helps students learn how Disney conserves at its theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and how it encourages others to conserve. There is a beautiful presentation which outlines ways Disney conserves and gives ideas of how students can conserve at home. There are several fun group activities encouraging conservation to complete throughout the guide. The guide ends with extended activities to keep students active in conservation all year long.

The guide also follows states’ standards which say: Students will recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment.

a. Explain the effects of pollution (such as littering) to the habitats of plants and animals.

b. Identify ways to protect the environment. Conservation of resources and recycling of materials.

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