Walt Disney always found a way to bring nature into everything that he touched. Now, you can bring Walt Disney’s idea of nature into your own classroom through Disneynature. This all-encompassing website includes many of the wonderful movies that come out each year around Earth Day.  Movies such as Monkey Kingdom, Bears, Chimpanzee, and African Cats, along with Disneynature’s latest film China.

Official trailers are provided for each movie as well opportunities to purchase movies. The following trailer is from Disneynature’s latest film Born in China about a panda and her cub, a golden monkey, and a snow leopard and her two cubs.

The website includes educational packets that offer materials for you to bring into the classroom.  Packets include standards alignment charts that coincide with Common Core science, math, and language arts standards.  In addition, multiple lessons along with learning objectives are supplied and are to be completed over several weeks. Definitions and descriptions are given for animals and habitats as well as the history and importance of certain species.

Disney's Monkey Kingdom Packet

Disney’s Monkey Kingdom Packet

In typical Disney fashion, conservation is constantly at play.  Proceeds from Disneynature movies have contributed to 3 million trees planted in endangered forests; 40,000 acres of new coral reefs aimed about preserving the coral reefs in the Bahamas; 50,000 acres of savanna protected in Kenya; 130,000 acres of protected Chimpanzee habitat in the Congo; only to name a few.

To learn more about these wonderful films and their associated resources, you can go directly to Disneynature by clicking here or through The Educated Mouse by clicking here. The Educated Mouse has created their own version of Disneynature in an interactive unit on African Animals. You can receive our African Animals unit as a free gift along with 4 other free units as part of becoming a member of The Educated Mouse or you can purchase this unit at our TPT store. Click here to join The Educated Mouse today!