Disney College Program Cast Members

Disney College Program Cast Members


There are some of the best and most unique education programs at Walt Disney World for students of all ages. Whether you are visiting Walt Disney World on a field trip or you are a college student enrolled in one of their programs, you will be educated in a very entertaining way! Check out some of these wonderful programs!

No. 1

Disney College Program – Disney College Program participants are able to work in the parks or resorts, while they get college credit. College Program participants will meet students from all over the world and learn about their cultures as they become friends. Every cast member I met my last visit to WDW was part of the Disney College Program. They were more than willing to share their insight with me about the program. One thing was certain…they all loved it…..and they all wanted to continue working for Disney. This is a great program for new college students (you must be enrolled in college to take advantage of this program). *Be on the look out for a more in-depth blog post.

Disney College Program and more info

No. 2

Disney Institute – Through the Disney Institute’s offered courses, companies can gain  insight into what makes The Walt Disney Company so successful. There is an array of courses offered to assist company employees in leadership, employee engagement, quality service, or business excellence. Through this program, companies have a “strategic road-map” created for their company so that they may use Disney ideas to better their organization. I had the pleasure of hearing someone speak at my yearly faculty meeting who had been through the program. It was apparent that she gained so much knowledge from the program. I wish my institution would pay for all employees to attend.

Disney Institute

No. 3

Disney Professional Internships – Disney internships give participants the chance of a lifetime. After being accepted into the internship program, you will choose your work area based on your major. You will learn from those who are already experts in that area. We met an intern at the Living Sea’s Aquarium. She had just graduated from college and was now splitting her internship between working with animals at the Animal Kingdom and educating visitors about marine life at the Living Seas. She was so excited to tell us about the program so we could share the information with our students. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s very competitive to be accepted into the program, so it’s best to work hard and start early with this goal in mind.

Disney Professional Internship Program and more info

No. 4

Disney’s Youth Educational Series (Y.E.S.) – Disney’s Youth Education Series takes students on guided field studies in various areas such as science, liberal arts, leadership, and much more.  Students are guided through the Disney parks at Disney World and Disneyland and they are given an up close and personal look at how Disney educates its visitors. Participants in Y.E.S will practice teamwork, along with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as required by their classroom lessons. There are so many learning themes to choose from and they are taught in a way only Disney can do! Group discounts are available.

Disney’s Y.E.S.