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ith many newly graduated high school seniors headed off to college, they will be making important decisions related to their majors. Whether they are undeclared or fully committed, new college students need to know there are wonderful opportunities available through the Disney Company. I have conducted many lectures in my college classrooms, including showing countless videos of the Disney College Program and Disney Professional Internship Program. So, what are these programs; how does one become a part of these programs; and what does one do once they’re accepted? Glad you asked!

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Through the years, the Disney Company has become the ultimate example of conservation. As an educator, teaching students about conservation has always been a fun task for me…especially when Disney is involved. If you want a “new” way to teach students about conservation, The Educated Mouse has created the ultimate “Educator’s Guide to Teaching Conservation Through Disney.”

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We here at The Educated Mouse have always been fascinated by Disney’s commitment to conservation. We have so much information about how Disney promotes conservation it would take up our entire blog site to write all about it. One thing we didn’t realize was the conservation efforts behind Animal Kingdom’s newest section of its park, Pandora – The World of Avatar.
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