Kim Wheeler (L), Karon Futch (R)


rowing up as identical twins, our love of Disney first started one Sunday night in the 1960’s as Walt Disney introduced the Wonderful World of Color.  The love grew stronger upon our first visit to Walt Disney World in June 1972, less than one year after its opening.

As the years rolled on, we continued to learn and grow through Disney movies, songs, books, and television.  It seems everywhere we turned, Walt Disney and his work taught us something about life, animals, and exotic places.

We would go almost 20 years before returning to Disney World in 1991. Since that time, we have visited WDW over 65+ times and stayed on Disney property each of those times. Through the years, we have shared all of the wonderful things that we have learned through Disney with our elementary, high school, and now college students. Along the way, we have found that Disney has much to offer educators. Whether you are a classroom teacher, home school educator, or a dedicated mom or dad, Disney has a way of educating in a very entertaining way. We wanted to combine our two loves of Disney and education through this blog by sharing our knowledge of Disney resorts, theme parks, food, movies, discounts, and educational experiences. We hope that you find being “Disney educated” as much fun as we do.