As a college professor of Education, I teach multiple sections and multiple topics each semester. This semester I am teaching Social Science for Early Childhood Education. In essence, I am teaching teachers how to teach Social Studies to elementary students. Our second week of class did not meet because of the observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday. I decided to give an out-of-class assignment that would be fun, represent the citizenship of Social Studies, and would be in keeping with the mission of MLK day.

As a Disney fan, I am constantly searching for unique educational ideas related to Disney. While browsing the worldwide web, I found the perfect assignment for my college students…and ALL students for that matter! Now, through the end of February 2017, Disney and Marvel Studios have found a way to combine two unique missions; education and citizenship.

Just go to Marvel’s Hero Acts and upload a photo of yourself in your best Marvel pose to the proper link with the proper hashtag (they include wonderful directions). When you upload your photo, Marvel Studios will donate $5 to Save the Children. The donated money will be used for school supplies and other necessities for the children sponsored through this organization. Disney and Marvel Studios will continue this incredible “heroic act” from now through February 28, 2017.

After I assigned this wonderful project, I began to receive photos from my students showing where they had uploaded their Marvel photo. While I can’t display them in this blog (they would kill me), I can tell you that they had a blast! Frankly, I had a blast thinking of how such a simple assignment can help so many. It showed future teachers how learning can be fun, while at the same time it taught them how to become better citizens through supporting ideas such as this. Bravo…Disney and Marvel! And bravo to my Monday afternoon Social Studies class!